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Eff these Late Stage VC’s that Call Late Stage

Over the last several months I have gotten periodic calls from Venture Capital (VC) firms about the company I grew to #484 in the 2016 INC 500.  These calls are nice, but sometimes they are slightly irritating.  Don’t get me wrong, it has been my dream to be noticed by investment firms.  But they are too late to the game.  Here are guys trying to offer you money to “grow” because your company fits the revenue criteria.  But what happens when an entrepreneur wants to do something else with the money?

It’s a serious question!  I’m bored and burned out and moving on to new startups.  And those startups need seed money.  That’s a serial entrepreneur and that’s who I am.  Above is an example of one of these calls.  It seems as though VC’s don’t understand that many entrepreneurs don’t need them at late or growth state.  By that point, if you haven’t been cozying up to that entrepreneur in previous rounds, then you’re nobody.  Starting at the 3 min mark in the audio, I begin to articulate this very point.  If a college or NBA coach/scout had entered Lebron’s life in the 12th grade, why would he every expect a chance with Lebron?  That’s how I see a late-stage/grow-stage venture funds who call to “vette” you by phone on whether your company is a good fit.  GTFOH  I’m Rick James bish!!! Eff your couch and your call.



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